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얼짱 ☆ 매니아 ★ 웨스트

[ Uhljjang Mania West ]

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Welcome to 얼짱 매니아 웨스트 [ Uhljjang Mania West ] !
★ The ORIGINAL Uhlzzang of the West Community! ☆

EVERYONE is welcome to watch this community and comment on the entries!

What is 얼짱 'uhlzzang' (also written 'uhljjang', 'ulzzang')?

Uhljjang is a Korean term that derived from '얼굴 짱' - literally 'best face', or 'hot face' - figuratively, one damn fine looking person! But not limited to! A broader definition would be C A M W H O R E ^.~

What are we, if the real uhljjang are Korean?

Though the origin of the idea is Korean, made especially popular by sites like Haduri, we believe the concept can be applied to any person of any ethnicity! We aim to create a community that follows the tradition, perhaps takes it a step further, and welcomes all ethnicities.

What do we think is 짱 'zzang'?

We at uhlzzang don't think being uhljjang is solely about who has the biggest eyes, the longest lashes, and the poutiest lips. Here we wish to be a little bit more stringent and push beyond the average question - well, is she/he hot?

We ask - Does she/he have style? Poise? Attitude?

Looks are important, no doubt. Do you maintain yours? Make an effort? Looks are always the first part of making an impression, even in real life. Uhljjang have the 'best face' so we are looking for people who know how to and like to show it off! ^.~ We do not accept/reject you on how beautiful you are but on how good an 'uhljjang' you are! Striking or demure, gothic or fairy princess, whatever your look, it matters not. The question is - how well do you pull it off? And most importantly of all - do you TRY?

Uhljjang also constantly renew their look - haircolor/cut, fashion/style, makeup, and then some. Experiment, it helps keep you visually interesting!

The thing about uhljjang is that they are notorious camwhores. They are individuals who gain fame through taking zillions of pictures of themselves and posting them online. We are looking for camwhores, to put it bluntly (and not just people who have idly taken a few pictures of themselves in passing), those who've made a lifestyle habit & tradition of self-portraiture/photo-logging.

There's a lot to be learned in a photo - uhljjang aren't just two-dimensional narcissists. All accepted members will be allowed to post sets of pictures for public viewing, and optional commentary. We are photographers as well as models, stylists, and art directors of our photos - there's plenty to comment on besides just looks!

'Uhljjang' is a lifestyle and mindset above all - if you suffer chronic camwhorephilia, JOIN TODAY!

However, if you are prone to saying the words "I'm so ugly ;O;" then DO NOT JOIN! We are not ego massagers, and a self-deprecating attitude isn't very zzang ^.~ Modesty is lovely, but self-deprecation in hopes for pity compliments is NOT!

For a more in depth look at our judging process, click here.

This community is now open to all.


Applying: We no longer require application or mod approval to post. We're all adults here (mostly...sort of) so just... keep it clean & clear, aight? Mod will only intervene to remove offenders.

Photos: Webcam, digital camera, and modeling pictures are all allowed. Please keep pics in the realm of 400x600 / 600x400 or smaller. Photoshopped pics are OKAY.

Posts: Please friends lock all your entries! If you want your friends to see, then just have them join the community to watch! This is for your own security.

Rating: Camwhores aren't actually whores. No nude. Keep it CLEAN (though flipping the bird here & there won't kill anyone ^.~)

Sets: We encourage you to post a set at a time (3 or more pics). There is no limit to the number of pics in a set! Please post no more than once a day.

LJ-Cut: All pictures must be behind an lj-cut. You may post 1 teaser pic but it must be no wider than 300 pixels. We don't need to kill the Flists nor the comm layout ♥

Current Resident UHLJJANG
Resident Uhljjang function has been disabled,
as the community is now open to all.

Absolutely no duplication, use, or reposting of any image or information shared herein. Violators will be... shot. 8D



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