Kikiii. ♥ (candykiseki) wrote in uhlzzang,
Kikiii. ♥


I have no idea if this is allowed.. But I made some ulzzang icons and I wanted to share them ^^


more HERE

  • 15;

    i was really bored so i made 15 ulzzang icons. ;~; a little of yu ha min, barely-there song chan ho, and A LOT of lee do hyeong. SO…

  • 17 Ulzzang icons

    Hahahaha Hola chic@s este es el 1er icon batch que vuelvo a hacer después de tanto tiempo (•˘з˘•) Solamente espero sea de su agrado…

  • Hello (^o^)/""

    So, I'm new to this community and just wanted to post a picture. This is me 2 days ago..

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